Clear Sky Farms is a vertical farming cooperative company that grows crops on multistory buildings. The first of its kind in NYC, Clear Sky farms provides locations throughout the metropolitan area to its shareholders to grow crops and also sells crops in the Clear Sky Farm store to the general public.
We have rooftop farming and also two floor greenhouses. All the plants are brought up by our special workers who are agricultural experts. By this, Our farming is land and labor-intensive and we can supply a great amount of foods to people even in the center of the city.
We offer educational opportunities about environmental problem, mainly focusing on food supply problem. Also, we have cooking classes by famous chefs. Moreover, you can experience our farming. Many people join our activities and it would be great experience for you too! If you have an interest, join us!
We serve various foods in our cafe. Basically, we serve dishes with mainly using our crops. If not, the other foods are harvested within 20 miles from our NYC. Not only you can eat organic food dishes, but also you can enjoy meal in our special interior space. If you come around, stop by here.
We sell our vegetables which is 100% organic in a special price. Even in New York, you can get tropical vegetables and fruits which are harvested in our building during winter season. Also, you can buy our products at Farmers Market in Union Square every Saturday.